Equipment Warranty

Replacement and repair of equipment under warranty

Should your equipment ever break down (through normal use), simply contact our technical support by telephone, and the defective equipment will be replaced with new equipment of the same type.. No charges apply.

Basic warranty

The basic warranty is valid for one year and is included with the purchase of a Home2US digital end-user kit. The warranty starts automatically on the date on which your services in the customer's file are activated. Should your equipment ever break down (though normal use), simply call the technical support team, request an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) form, and return the defective product to the address indicated on the RMA label. Home2US will either fix or replace the defective equipment with a new or refurbished device of the same type.

All professional installations carry a 90-day limited warranty.

Extended warranty

To offer you extended peace of mind, Home2US offers an extended, low-cost warranty program. This means that the equipment purchased is under warranty for a total period of up to three (3) years starting from the date on which the services are activated. The extended warranty, in addition to providing coverage for your Home2US digital end-user kit, also covers the installation service for the same period.

The extended warranty must be purchased within 30 days of activating the service, and the charge for it will appear on your Home2US invoice.

To purchase your extended warranty, please contact Home2US customer service department.

Replacement and repair of equipment no longer under warranty

Should your equipment ever break down (through normal use) once your warranty expires, replacement charges will apply. The applicable replacement charge will depend upon the type of end-user kit installed at your residence or commercial establishment. Please contact our customer service department for an assessment of your particular case.