Satellite Equipment

Your Home2US System comes with equipment that gives you easy access to programs you want to watch with the greatest reception imaginable. Learn about the different components of your system and get tips on how to quickly troubleshoot common issues.

- Optimum signal quality of the Home2US channels is best achieved with the Home2US satellite system.
- Home2US is not responsible for equipment purchased from unauthorized dealers.

Home2US standard kitsatellite

Our standard kit contains the following equipment:

1.    Receiver
2.    LNBs (single or dual)
3.    30" to 33" (75cm) antenna
4.    Remote control
5.    Smart card (if applicable)

Receiver provided by Home2US
A Home2US set-top box (STB) allows you to receive the most popular TV shows from home. Among other technical features, you can get a quick view off all available programs thru its Electronic Program Guide (EPG) option. You can also select individual settings for each channel. With its high resolution picture and high-fidelity digital stereo output, you'll be able to enjoy your programs with the best video and audio quality. Its user friendly interface allows you to make a simple installation or adjustment. Our receiver can support both Irdeto and Viaccess encryption technology.

Major Features
* Meets MPEG-2 and DVB-S standards
* Enhanced OSD (On Screen Display) screen font
* EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
* Each program can have its own settings
* High-resolution picture and high-fidelity digital stereo output
* An SAP (Second Audio Program) option is available for stereo audio
* Capable of setting PID code to receive specified programs
* Displays signal strength (for convenient dish installation and/or adjustment)

For additional information, please check our receiver product guide

Satellite Dish and LNB
A satellite dish - or antenna-  receives signals from the satellite.
These signals are collected by the dish and focused onto the LNB (Low-noise block converter), which is located at the end of an arm directly in front of the dish. The signals are then transferred from the LNB to the receiver via a cable.
To receive all the services from Home2US, you will need a dish of minimum 30 inches (75cm) fitted with a universal LNB. If you have a satellite receiver with two tuners, or want to receive services on more than one TV set, you will need a ‘twin’ or ‘quad’ LNB. However, the closer you are to the outside edge of the satellite footprint (the geographical area covered by the satellite beam - think of an enormous flashlight beam projected onto a distant wall), the larger the dish you'll need.