There are trees in the line-of-sight.

Trees can cause interference with your reception. If you cannot find a different or higher location that provides a clear line-of-sight to the satellite, you may have to trim your trees. You can, if necessary, mount your dish antenna up to 100 feet away from your house without adding any signal amplifiers.

You can’t see the newly added channel Please follow these steps:


Installation (password 0000)

Auto Search

Scan Channel

(Once the scan is complete, review your channels. They should then be good to go.)

Its early spring / fall, and the picture gets fuzzy.

Twice a year, in the spring and fall, we experience temporary service outages because of the path of the sun. We call this phenomenon “sun transit” (when the sun passes directly behind our satellite and interferes with its signals). These service outages are minor. In the worst case, you may experience outages for about 15 minutes a day over a period of about 10 days. However, “sun transit” normally lasts for only about three days.