Home2US is proud to do its part for the environment by reducing its paper waste. What this means for our customers is that by not receiving a monthly paper statement, they help us reduce paper waste in our environment. Not only do our customers enjoy the convenience of automatic bill payment, but they are also able to choose the payment option that best suits them – such as Electronic Check / Debit or major credit card.

What if I want a monthly statement mailed to me?

A statement will be mailed to you – but only on a quarterly basis. Please note that you will incur a $3.00 administration fee for this service.

Will I be charged if my credit card or check is refused by your bank?

Yes. There will a $15.00 charge to put your unit back into service, as well as the standard monthly service charge of $28.00 – for a total of $43.00.

Is there a fee for canceling service?

There is no fee for canceling service once the initial commitment period has been satisfied. Cancelation prior to this time can include a fee.

Which forms of payment are accepted?

Personal check; Money Order; Visa; MasterCard; Discover; and American Express.