Do I need a credit card to subscribe to Home2US?

No. We accept debit card, electronic check or personal check/money order by mail.

What do I need to receive service?

You will need a Smartcard, a Home2US receiver and a satellite antenna (dish).

What is a smartcard?

A smartcard reads the information sent to your receiver.

How do I order service?

Just give us a call, send an e-mail or go to our Website and click on the “Order now” link at our Website.

How long will it take to receive the equipment?

It shouldn’t take longer than 7 to 10 business days.

Can I receive Home2US programming on more than one television set in my home?

Yes, we offer this type of set-up. You will need a satellite antenna with a dual output LNBF and a separate receiver for each television. You can buy one receiver and watch local channels on one TV while watching Home2US channels on the other. However, you cannot watch 2 different Home2US channels simultaneously with only one receiver.

Can I purchase additional receivers / smartcards?


I found an error on your Website. Who should I notify?

Kindly go to the “contact us” portion of our Website and leave your comment.

How do I disconnect my service?

After your initial commitment period ends, you can call us and terminate your service.

How do I ensure the best signal quality?

You can check the actual strength of the signal on your “Options” menu.

Go to “Change System Settings.” Then click on “Change Installation Settings,” followed by “Tune in Satellite Signal.”

You'll see a bar graph from 0 to 99 showing how strong your signal is. In the box beside the graph is the number. You will notice it fluctuating four or five points in either direction. This is normal and is the result of atmospheric conditions.

Does Home2US service Canada?

Unfortunately, not at this time.

My Homeowners Association is not allowing me to install an antenna. What can I do?

Our antenna sizes are 30" and 33" and comply with the Satellite Consumer Bill of Rights, a regulation released by the FCC on August 6, 1996. This regulation PREEMPTS local zoning ordinances and Homeowner Association covenants and restrictions on satellite antennas.

How will the installation be done?

You can install this system by yourself. We offer a self-installation kit that includes all necessary hardware normally needed to install one receiver - or you can call our Customer Service to schedule a professional installation.